Slepps Indoor Footwear

Upgrade to comfort class.

The perfect slippers for the airplane

Travel with cosy and stylish slippers

Want to get comfortable on a long flight but frumpy flight socks or going bare-foot is not an option? If you have been looking for comfortable flight shoes, then look no further. Slepps are ideal for keeping cosy and comfortable on long-haul flights. Take your shoes off, put your Slepps on and enjoy the flight.

Why you should take your shoes off on an airplane

Wearing shoes during a long flight is extremely uncomfortable. Taking your shoes off makes you feel more at home and you are more likely to relax on your flight. Also, getting some sleep is much easier when your feet are comfortable.

Why Slepps are the perfect slippers for airplane travel

Warm, breathable materials

Slepps flight slippers are made of genuine leather and a 100% natural wool lining. They keep your feet at a perfect ambient temperature in a cold, air-conditioned plane. Wool fibres in the lining also keep moisture at bay. Read more about why sheep's wool is a perfect material for slippers here.

They fit in your carry-on

Slepps don't have a hard sole, meaning that they are fully compressible. Not only are they compact, these slippers also come with a complimentary linen travel bag. Slepps weigh less than 0,5 kg, so you don't have to worry about airline weight limits.

Stylish & elegant design

Slepps are Nordic-designed slippers that draw inspiration from the iconic Chelsea-boot style. Their unisex style allows Slepps to suit all. They are made of high-quality, durable materials, providing you comfort for years to come.


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Slepps Originals

Crafted from genuine leather and all natural sheepskin lining, Slepps Originals are luxurious, Nordic-designed, slippers. Being fully compressible and lightweight, they are ideal indoor shoes for taking on flights or to the office, in the included linen travel bag. 

Designed in Finland

€ 79.00 EUR

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