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The best slippers to wear to work

Wearing slippers at work is more common in the modern offices. Taking your shoes off at work will not only make your employer to save on cleaning costs but it is proven that wearing slippers in the office will make more efficient.

slippers to wear to work

The growing trend in workplace comfort

The stiff collar shirts and tight dies are over. Companies have started embracing workplace comfort and taking your shoes off at the office is an essential component of comfort. In the modern offices, especially in Scandinavian countries, taking your shoes off in the office is a norm. Working in a relaxed environment makes people happier, which has a direct impact on their work performance.

Wearing slippers at the office makes you more efficient

When you work in comfort, you are less likely to be stressed and you are able to concentrate better.In Nordic countries, you always take your shoes off when you enter your house. That gives you a feeling of more at home where things are more quiet and relaxed. The same benefits are achievable in the office - resulting in more relaxed and productive workers.

high top slippers
best slippers to wear at work

The best slippers to wear at work

If you are looking for house shoes to wear in the office then look no further – Slepps indoor slippers are perfect choice for workplace slippers. They are made of genuine leather and have a soft sheep's wool lining providing you comfort throughout the work day. They keep your feet in a perfect temperature ensuring your feet won't get sweaty. Slepps are Nordic -designed premium slippers that draw inspiration from the iconic Chelsea-boot style, meaning that they are not too informal for offices where the Scandinavian relaxed working culture isn't adopted quite yet. 

high top slippers


  • Comfortable & stylish slippers for use at the office

  • Durable genuine leather exterior

  • Soft 100% natural sheep's wool lining

  • Nordic design inspired by the timeless chelsea boot

  • Carefully hand-crafted

  • Designed in Finland

  • FREE EU Delivery



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