Slepps Indoor Footwear


Slepps Slippers

Step up your downtime

Here in the Nordics, the 'no shoes policy' indoors is serious business. Cleanliness aside, taking a break from bulky winter boots is a must.  

So what options do we have? Novelty slippers or synthetic loafers. 

Here at Slepps, we have decided to broaden your options. Combining minimalist Nordic design, with the classic British Chelsea boot, we are opening our doors with the Slepps Originals.

Handcrafted with carefully sourced, quality Turkish leather and an indulgent sheep's wool lining, Slepps Originals are the first in our line up of premium indoor footwear.

Removing the hard rubber sole of an outdoor boot allows Slepps Originals to be fully compressible. Taking up little space in your hand luggage or briefcase, you can bring the comfort of home with you to the office or on a lengthy flight. 




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