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Why choose wool slippers? - Nature's wonder material is perfect for indoor shoes

Why choose wool slippers? - Nature's wonder material is perfect for indoor shoes

The oldest physical evidence of sheep wool textile is over 3,500 years old. Preserved deep in a bog in Denmark, the discovery gave scientists concrete evidence that Europeans have been putting the material to use for a very long time. Studies show however that wool has been a vital material for man since as far back as 10,000 BC. 

Since then, with the popularisation of cotton and the introduction of synthetic materials, man has constantly been trying to find alternatives. Often these modern blends are cheaper, and have certain beneficial properties, but time and time again we see that genuine high-quality wool is the best way to go. Here are 3 reasons why we chose nature's wonder material to line the inside of Slepps and make them the most comfortable wool slippers possible.

To some, comfort is the main reason to wear wool slippers

1) Wool slippers are extremely comfortable

If you were to observe wool through a microscope, you would see that its fibres are coiled like springs. Wool moulds itself in a soft embrace around the foot when indoor footwear is lined with it. The soft, natural springs help a wool lining in slippers to retain its shape and form, keeping them luxuriously comfortable long after purchase.

The wicking ability of the material keeps wool slippers fresh

2) Wool slippers stay fresh

Wool is naturally odour resistant. Unpleasant smells are generated when bacteria builds up in the moisture of our sweat. Wool's fibrous properties cause it to wick away moisture before there is a chance for bacteria to propagate. Air is also able to flow through the breathable material, reducing any moisture build up.  

wool slippers can be worn when it is hot and cold

3) Wool slippers regulate temperature

Unlike synthetics, wool is known as an active fibre and a great insulator. It is a common misconception that wool simply warms us up. It is actually able to regulate temperature, keeping us warm in the winter, but also cool in the winter. As the fibres wick away moisture, a layer of dry air is able to circulate near the skin. Read more about wool's natural cooling properties here.

Treat your feet

To craft Slepps we chose to reign in all the benefits from this ancient material. Slepps are luxury Chelsea boot style slippers, with a 100% natural wool lining. No synthetics or blends have been used to keep your feet in extreme comfort, whether your in the office, at home or on a long haul flight. 

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