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Slepps Season Begins - Comfortable Slipper Time Is Upon Us

Slepps Season Begins - Comfortable Slipper Time Is Upon Us

Ah, Summer, it has only been a few weeks, but you are already a somewhat distant, sultry memory. We will miss the long, lazy warm evenings, wine in the park and of course, the hub-bub of the terraces spreading out from cafes and bars.

However, here in Finland, the homeland of Slepps, where sprinkles of wet snow have already begun falling, there is a silver lining to the overcast, grey October skyline. Finns, and other Nordic and Scandinavian based folk, are well aware of what lies ahead but, they are not intimidated in the slightest. 

The Northern outposts of Europe have such harsh winters that the locals have had to adapt. Not just to survive in the sub-zero temperatures, but also to thrive. Winter may be daunting here, but many relish it, excited for the warm, cozy, heartfelt time indoors that can be had with the right setup.

What is that setup? It is a mix of well-thought-out, and maintained respect for, cozy and comfortable home lives to mitigate the brutal outdoor conditions. Danes and Norwegians love to do this with Hygge, a unique and specific definition for the comforting mood that being cozy indoors can bring; whether wrapped up with a warm blanket and a good book, or sipping a perfectly warm latte in a cozy cafe.

Finns and Swedes put the emphasis on harmonizing and minimalist interior design, with uncluttered, tidy apartments and homes providing the ideal environment for relaxation (as well as a well-known fixation and addiction to time in the sauna.)

One aspect that we have found to be vitally important in enjoying a cozy night in is how you treat your feet — keeping them at a perfect ambient temperature, with soft, breathing, natural materials to caress them after a hard day.

With this in mind, one way we are able to look forward to winter with confidence and even baited anticipation is by now referring to it as the beginning of Slepps season. Although Slepps, our all-natural leather and wool-lined slippers, are breathable and perfectly applicable for Summer-use, there is something just the extra little bit special about putting them on after an icy day out.

If you would like to be well prepared for what lies ahead, and want to look forward to all the good things that winter can bring, here's a little help along way. Use code 'SLEPPSSEASON19' at checkout for 15% off. 

Happy Hygge, from the team at Slepps xxx

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