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Nordic Christmas Gift Ideas & Inspiration

Nordic Christmas Gift Ideas & Inspiration

The hardy people of the Nordics, braving the sub-zero temperatures, know how to do Christmas right. Heck, Santa Claus himself is officially from the Finnish city of Rovaniemi, located just inside the Arctic circle. The smell of warm glögi or glögg can be smelt in the air as families hunker down in their tastefully decorated homes for a cosy Christmas out of the cold.


Looking to get a bit of that authentic Nordic winter wonderland Christmas into your own home? We have compiled together a list of some gift ideas and inspiration, direct from the snowy landscape of Northern Europe to make it that bit easier.

Kyrö Napue Gin

Rye is a favourite grain out in the Nordics. So much so that they even use it in the making of their top gins. The rye taste is enhanced with hints of cranberries, sea buckthorn and birch leaves to produce what was voted as the world's best gin for gin and tonic by the International Wine & Spirit Competition in 2015. If the recipient is of legal age, check out the Kyrö's collection here and consider adding a twig of rosemary to your G&T, totally worth it. 

Oura Smart Rings 

The Finnish designed 'smart' ring caught many people's attention when Prince Harry was seen wearing one whilst visiting Melbourne. The thing is, it is actually a really nifty piece of technology. The sleek and minimal rings are fitness and sleep trackers, able to stream insights on your wellbeing, straight to your phone. The built in temperature tracker, gyroscope, and pulse tracking technology are sure to impress that special person in your life. Read more here.

Arctic Power Berries 

These packs of powdered berries are at the centre of the super foods craze. For the member of your family who is obsessed with the latest health trends, these nutrient packed powders are made sustainably from Finnish berries. Excellent for baking with or adding to smoothies or cereals, they are a healthy treat not to be missed. From lingonberries to blueberries, there is a whole range of different varieties to found on their website.

Slepps Indoor Footwear

We couldn't make a list like this without mentioning our own brand luxury slippers. In the Nordics, it is customary to take off your shoes just about everywhere, even your workplace. Having a pair of quality slippers is a must, whether one is looking to relax, or drive up their productivity. Handmade with prime supple leather and an all natural, antimicrobial wool lining, they are sure to provide a loved one with some indulgent comfort over the holiday period.  Learn more here.

Norwegian Wool Headbands

Sheep in Norway have to put up with some pretty harsh conditions. Given their circumstances, we're not surprised that they produced some top quality wool. This Cortina 1956 headband combines Merino wool with sleek Norwegian patterns. Hand crafted in Norway, it is ideal to keep the head of a lucky recipient toasty warm throughout the winter period. Find this and a whole range Norwegian wool headgear here.

Normann Salt Mill

This craft salt mill with a white marble top is ideal for the chef in your life who has a keen eye for Scandinavian design. Designed by Simon Legald for Danish brand Normann, the mill holds a ceramic 'CrushGrind' grinder which is built to last. It is available in two different sizes with a black marble topped alternative to really make it fit in to any modern Nordic style kitchen. Pick it up for this Christmas here.

Still stuck on what to buy?

Don't worry we've all been there. A few final suggestions include checking out our friends Cocoon House. Finnish stockist of ecologically and ethically made clothing, get a stylish Nordic gift for a friend without a bad conscious from their online store. And, if you ever happen to be in Lahti, Finland, swing by their shop. Amongst their great selection, they have Slepps leather slippers in stock, so you can see them in person.




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