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5 reasons why a 'no shoe policy' in the office will make business boom

5 reasons why a 'no shoe policy' in the office will make business boom

The days of tight ties and stiff collars in the workplace are over. Office dress code etiquette has changed drastically during the past decade, with a strong shift towards more relaxed and casual styles. Companies are beginning to cotton on to the fact that staff can be more productive when they feel more at home.

To up the anti even further, many offices are catching on to the Scandinavian trend of having a ‘no shoe’ policy. Staff take off their uncomfortable outdoor boots at the door, and slippers are no longer a shocking sight in the office.

The benefits of this kind of policy are clear. We have broken them down into five bitesized points to show you why it really works.

1. Save on cleaning fees

No matter the commute, you or your employees are inevitably going to step on something unpleasant on the way back and forth from work. Leaving a shoe rack at the door will encourage staff to leave their boots, and all the outdoor dirt which comes with them, before entering the office. It’s a clear benefit, not only on a practical perspective, but also on a financial basis. Just ask yourself these questions;

How much money is your company spending on cleaning the office? How much would you save if the office only had to be cleaned twice a month instead of every week?

2. Employees are more productive

A relaxed atmosphere in the office results in more productive employees. When people work in comfort, they are less likely to succumb to stress and therefore achieve optimum performance levels.

In Nordic countries, people always take their shoes off when they enter their own homes. In doing so, they instantly feel more relaxed. The same benefits are achievable in the office - resulting in more relaxed and productive workers.

3. Less noise - less distraction

Ever become distracted by the sound of somebody walking around the office in heels? We don’t have anything against high heels - but if you’re in a middle of very attentive task, or an important phone call, it might take your attention elsewhere.
By introducing a ‘no shoes’ policy, you can profit from a calm work environment and focus on what you are doing.

4. Reduce accidents at work 

Hard-wood floors and rubber soles wet from a rainy commute, it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Limit slips and falls in the workplace by encouraging staff to have a dedicated pair of indoor footwear at the office to avoid painful mishaps.

5. Follow by example

Supercell, a Finnish video-game company has a strict ‘no shoes’ policy. “Supercell wants its office to feel like home, so it requires its employees to take their outdoor shoes off” - Megan Rose Dickey, Business Insider. Supercell’s revenue in 2016 was 2.1 billion EUR (2.5 billion USD). Co-incidence? We don’t think so.


The benefits of not wearing shoes in the office are clear. The only issue which still remains is what to wear instead. Here at Slepps, we are looking to solve that problem. We produce premium leather indoor footwear, ideal for wearing in an office. Specially designed to provide indulgent comfort whilst still retaining a professional look. Find out more at

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