Slepps Indoor Footwear

The Nordic solution for comfortable feet.

Slepps are premium indoor footwear inspired by the timeless Chelsea boot

Slepps luxury slippers

Where to wear Slepps?

At the office

The days of tight ties and stiff collars are over. The Scandinavian mentality is that you do your best work when you are comfortable.

In your home

Cold, hardwood floors? No problem. Kick back at home with the indulgent comfort of an all natural sheep wool lining.

On the plane

No frumpy flight socks here. Slepps are fully compressible, with a linen travel bag. The perfect partner for a long haul flight.

Slepps features

Chelsea boot inspired design

Carefully sourced leather exterior

Indulgent natural sheep wool lining

Why wear Slepps?

Slepps are slippers for office, plane travel and home


Slepps are fully compressible & lightweight. They take little to no space in your luggage and are conveniently transportable in the included linen travel bag. The Chelsea boot style elasticated fit means taking them off or putting them on is a breeze. They are the perfect footwear solution for plane travel, office or home comfort.


Slepps leather slippers exterior sheep skin lining

Indulgent comfort

The 100% genuine leather exterior is hard wearing, durable and provides good grip. An all-natural sheep skin and wool lining provides luxurious comfort. Slepps are warm in the winter and cool in the summer as the wool lining allows air to circulate, keeping your feet at a comfortable ambient temperature.


Nordic design shoes indoor footwear

Contemporary design

Scandinavian minimal design meets London chic. Drawing inspiration from the classic Chelsea boot, Slepps are a fusion of effortless sophistication with indulgent comfort. The unisex style allows Slepps to suit all.



"Finnish design, stylish, beautiful and good quality"

– Josefin Tatiana, Finnish lifestyle blogger,

"Wonderfully warm and stylish"

– Sagr Hamdan, Finnish lifestyle blogger,

Featured product

Slepps Originals

€ 79.00 EUR

Slepps Originals
Slepps Originals Slepps Originals Slepps Originals

Premium Nordic indoor footwear crafted with carefully sourced, quality leather and all natural wool lining for indulgent comfort.

In the press

Josefin Tatiana

For all you Swedish speakers, Slepps originals were recently featured in this Finnish style blog. 

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